The Wilmslow Half Marathon

Dave Greenwood

My Sunday consisted of spectating, through a Camera lens as usual and listening to the varied perceptions each individual had about it.
I began on a circuitous journey in search of a vantage point from which to watch the procession of runners go past on their journey to complete the Wilmslow Half Marathon. Nigel Martin was hoping to be at the front and thanks to his diligent training with his experienced coach, Norman Poole, he emerged victorious. Nigel took up running as an adult and married his natural talent to hard work and sensibly listening to his coach. The old proverb says you can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink; in the case of this thoroughbred he drank bucketful’s of wisdom and from pretty average times a few years ago, is now realising what a good runner he has become (13.53 for the Armagh 5k is not too shabby)

Behind him came 4000 of all shapes, sizes, gaits and beliefs. Some looked like injuries waiting to happen whilst others looked comfortable. Some grimaced, some chatted. For some the social occasion was built in, eagerly engaging with anyone supporting from the side. For many it will have been an achievement to get round. For all there will have been health benefits proportionate to the volume and quality of preparation. Trapped waiting for the road to free I became aware of the huge variation in speeds at this event. Forty minutes must have passed by which time I wasn't going to get to the two miles to go point where I might have a second chance.
On to my second destination; Crossford Bridge- the spiritual home of Sale Harriers and venue for the unique Over the Bales race.

There were over 30 Sale Harriers on the journey to finish the Half Marathon. All of them looked fairly comfortable as they passed me at the halfway stage, even if they didn't feel it. The first 23 of them were in the top 20% of race finishers. Forgive me if I've missed anybody or not realised they had a p.b.- I'm sure you'll broadcast it on social networking. Notable successes were Nigel Martin race winner. Anne Chinoy who was first w45, Gareth Raven M40 2nd. Their positions were.

Overall position Name Chip Time Category Category position PB  
1 Nigel Martin 1:05:26 open 1st  by 5 mins  
 7 Nick Barry  1:09:44  open  6th  1:19:19 at the 4 Villages this year  
 8 Gareth Raven  1:10:01  M40  2nd  !:04:28 from 2003  
 26 Sam Aspinwall  1:14:06  open    debut  
 39 Steve McCarron  1:15:44  M40  7th  PB well done  
 77 Rob Fairbanks  1:20:59  M40    PB  
 93 Oli Gailemin  1:22:33  M45    1:17:45  
 115 Simon Jackson  1:23:38  M45    1:21:27  
 147 Pete Shipley  1:25:08  open    PB  
 150 Mark Fox  1:25:15  M40    1:24:18  
 158 Nathan Ball  1:25:29      1:25:06  
 160 Paul Barrett  1:25:33 (nearly V40)    1:24:10  
 176 Alistair Kell  1:26:06  M50    1:26:04  
 192 Mike Ashby  1:26:28  M40    1:17:53  
 237 Lydia Briggs  1:27:52  F  7th  PB  
 272 Steve Gavin  1:29:00  M45    1:25:57  
 275 Anne Chinoy  1:29:02  F45  1st  PB  
 357 Colin Lord  1:32:21  M50  28th    
 380 Gareth Webb  1:33:12  M40    1:30:49  
 445 Harriet Hamilton  1:34:27  F35  9th  PB  
 475 Rob Marsden  1:35:16      PB  
 552 Tim Kennedy  1:37:29      1:13:56  
 718 Sam Forshaw  1:40:18      PB  
 735 Sian Rowley  1:41:18  F40  15th  1:35:12  
 853 Chris Heyes  1:42:43  M40    1:14:03  
 856 Philippa Heyes  1:42:44  F35      
 889 Tim Rainey  1:44:06  M50    1:26:54  
 904 Caroline Kinghorn  1:43:18  F50  8th  PB  
 1307 Damien Van Alderwegen  1:50:02  M45      
 1395 Jenny Fox  1:48:17  F40    1:23:11  
 1396 Wendy Terry  1:48:17  F40    1:26:15  
 1552 Louise Titensor  1:53:54  F40    PB  
 1564 Tegegn Bayissa  1:52:14  M45      
 1578 Caroline Wheeler  1:53:29      PB  
 2069 Eve Gibson  2:04:46      1:44:11  
 2650 Emma Bramwell  2:21:46      1:57:15