2022 parkrun league

March – September inclusive

Who can take part?

Any Sale Harrier. Juniors wishing to enter should do so with the permission of their parents and coach. This is an “opt-in” event so please contact organiser Rob Marsden if you are taking part!


Each of the 7 months will have an allocated parkrun (see below). All runners will have the 4 or 5 Saturdays in that month to complete the parkrun.

Every runner competing will need to have a 5k or parkrun pb since 01/01/2020 – this will be your base time and is fixed for the full season. Hopefully doing the scoring in this manner will equalise the event so everyone has a real chance of winning regardless of age, gender etc.

Your score/points will be the difference between your parkrun time and your base time.

For example: If you have a pb of 18mins and run 18.30 at an event then you score 30 points.

At the end of the season the person with the lowest score wins.



  • March – Stretford (Longford Park)
  • April – Fletcher Moss (Didsbury)
  • May – Sale Waterpark
  • June – Worsley Woods
  • July – Wythenshawe
  • August – South Manchester (Platt Fields)*
  • September – Lyme Park

*There are 3 runs cancelled at Alexandra Park in August so this has been replaced by South Manchester.


  • Runners will need to be set up on parkrun with Sale Harriers Manchester as their club.
  • Times issued by parkrun are final – I don’t care what your watch says!
  • Can you have more than one go at the parkrun in the month? Yes! You can do the event as many times as you like in the month; the fastest time will count.
  • What happens if I beat my PB/Base time? If this happens you will get a negative score and reduce your overall tally. Remember the Base time is fixed so the new PB will not then count as your Base time.
  • If you do not complete the parkrun in the allocated month, your time will be awarded as PB + 5mins
  • If a parkrun is cancelled for more than 2 weeks in a month, additional weeks will be allowed to complete the event, this will be communicated at the time.
  • What happens if it is a tie? If at the end of the season there is the unlikely event of a tie, it will be broken as follows
    • The person with the most pb’s will win
    • If point one does not separate the tie, then the person with the best pb will win
    • If points 1 & 2 do not separate the tie, then a run-off will be needed


For further information, please email league organiser Rob Marsden

League Table

The league table can be viewed below. It will be updated once per month. To add yourself or another athlete, please email Rob Marsden.  



Thank you to everyone who registered their interest in the parkrun league. We have around 50 participants! So I expect competition to be fierce. I'm sure each event will want me to mention this. parkrun only takes place because of volunteers. Therefore if anyone does want to help out, not only will the event be grateful for this, but it will be a good advert for the club. If you have any questions please be in touch and let's all enjoy the wonderful world of parkrun.

Round 5 Summary
The results for July saw Beatrice Cordingley score the best time with -98 seconds (and therefore increase her overall lead). Caroline Barrett & Sophie Armitage posted the 2nd and 3rd best performances in the month.
The fastest time recorded was from Sophie Jade 17.02. We had a tie in 2nd/3rd between Matt Spragg and Phil Richardson. Roll on August.