Over the Bales

Sale Harriers Manchester is delighted to announce that once again they will be hosting their popular ‘Over the Bales’ event at Crossford Bridge in Sale, Manchester.

Sunday 15th March 2020 from 1:30pm

  • Race 1 - Under 9 girls - approx. 1200 metres
  • Race 2 - Under 9 boys - approx. 1200 metres
  • Race 3 - Under 11 girls - approx. 1600 metres
  • Race 4 - Under 11 boys - approx. 1600 metres
  • Race 5 - Under 13 girls - approx. 2000 metres
  • Race 6 - Under 13 boys - approx. 2000 metres

All ages as at 31st August 2019

Online Entry Form

Parent/Guardian's Name*
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Sunday 15th March 2019, 13:30 start


* Age at 31st August 2019


My child is in good health and I consider him/her capable of taking part in athletics. I also understand that whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure their safety, all participants attend at their own risk. Sale Harriers and their coaches are not liable for any loss or injury.*

Payment Options
Please note that your child's entry will only be confirmed once we have received your full payment. To qualify for the £4 entry fee, payment must be received by Sunday 8th March.We recommend payment by PayPal wherever possible.

Sale Harriers Primary Account (this is not the same as the main club account)
Sort Code 51-61-11
Account Number 70520860
Ref: Child's Name

Made Payable to Sale Harriers Manchester with Child/Children's Name & Over The Bales on Reverse. This can be handed into the club between 6:45pm and 8:15pm on Tuesdays or Sundays between 10:15am and 12:15pm or sent by post to Christine Tyrer, 19 Cranford Avenue, Sale, M33 2AU.

In an envelope marked with your Child/Children's Name & Over The Bales. This must be handed into the club between 6:45pm and 8:15pm on Tuesdays or Sundays between 10:15am and 12:15pm.

Pay Now by PayPal (recommended)
Other Payment Options:

If you have any questions about the YA Open Medal Meeting please email christinetyrer@saleharriersmanchester.com



  • Pre-entries £4 per athlete. £6 per athlete on the day.
  • Please use the online form where possible. If you prefer a printable form, click here.

Awards in each race:

  • 1st 3 individuals.
  • 1st 3 ‘A’ teams.
  • 1st  ‘B’ team.   (3 to score for team awards)

The Referee's decision is final!

Car Parking

Car parking is limited so please do not bring your car if you don't have to. Please arrive early if you need to park in the car park and be couteous to other users of the car park. Car share if you can. Park as tightly as you can, do not park in the disabled spaces unless you have a blue badge.


Crossford Bridge

Danefield Road
M33 7BG