Julia and Jackie volunteerThere are many opportunities to help at the club, from ‘parent/assistant’ roles helping with children and young adults, to race marshalling. Any activity will be greatly appreciated by the club and all training and guidance will be available from other experienced individuals. 

Marshals needed in the future.

Please help with the following events. Every volunteer will gain valuable experience and provide the club with useful income:

  • The MCCL events. Marshals required for the cross country events that we host.
  • The Indoor Series. Taking place at Sportcity over the winter months.
  • Contact Frank Cordingley giving your name and contact tel no.


We are looking for the next generation of coaches to help with our young athletes at Crossford Bridge. If any parent or family member has an interest in becoming a qualified coach and could spare perhaps 5 or 6 hours per week to help at the club please contact


We are also looking for any helpers who are not ready to be coaches too. The Sale Harriers coaching sessions are run entirely by volunteers and we are desperately in need of parental help. We are looking for parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents, older sisters and brothers who can run and would be prepared to give up a little of their time to help on a Tuesday evening and/or a Sunday morning.

We will try our best to match your ability to the correct group and we will be very grateful to anyone who can help.


At many of our track and field events we are obliged to provide a number of officials to assist in the running of the match. Often this also adds to the points total for our team and conversley affects the overall result if we fail to provide the required number of officials. With this in mind we are constantly looking for new:-  time keepers, track judges, field judges (and helpers), starters, photo finish officials, call room judges and other volunteers to ensure that the matches are run efficiently and everyone has a great day. Please contact Frank Cordingley if this is something you think you might consider. Link for more details.