Forthcoming Training and Competition

The training below is as always subject to change as it will be individually fine-tuned and subject to late venue changes.

I will introduce some sessions on the good Kenworthy Wood trails, also a 425m horse track in Wythenshawe Park, grown over with grass now, but ok. Some have complained of midge bites on grass, but not a lot I can do about that. Put repellent on before training after your Covid hygiene.

Can I ask you to get into your groups quickly and not stand around slowly getting ready. I will have to start marking out spaced grouping again. On the track for some sessions, there will be fast 1500m pace, low volume, big recovery reps..

Well done to all those who did the Sale Sizzlers, and thanks to Fechin, Brian and their brilliant teams who excelled in putting on a great race despite numerous obstacles and setbacks. Well done.

Summer Week 4

Tuesday 22nd Uni fields again for sub tempo cruise reps @ 6:45pm, to warm up run on the fields and trails or run down. 7:00pm finish w/u, with drills and strides, 7:15pm session start.

In groups of 5 x 5mins with 90 seconds recovery or 4m30s with 2mins recovery + 5 x 15sec strides.

Wednesday 23rd Round the Resers

Some are racing, some @ tempo, some steady state.

Summer Week 4 Thursday June 24th

Wythenshawe Track variable pace short Intervals session @ 6:45pm, to warm up in the park 7:00pm finish w/u, + drills and strides, 7:15pm interval session start.

3 sets of 3 x 300m, 200m with 100m jog recoveries, so that's 6 reps per set. 18 reps covering 12 laps + Cruise speed, fast running, but not sprints, under 3k pace.

Recoveries approx. 45secs for fastest group, & up to 1 min for the last group.

12.5 laps is 5k, in essence you are running a continuous 5k, but at 3k pace for most of it, but obviously slower with recovery.

Saturday 26th on Uni or Golf course.

4 x 6 - 7mins some may do 3mins and jog across for another 3mins and if on golf, may do strides on track.

Sunday 27th 90 mins + with a steady middle or progression end or 6 strides. on trail or hills.

0780 4892080

The pandemic is still with us but there are some green shoots of optimism on the horizon. Restrictions for us will start to lift in small stages.

Be aware that Sale Harriers is very cautious and will not endorse any activity that falls outside of the latest guidelines. Please continue to socially distance from fellow athletes and the public at large, please do not congregate in groups at any time, larger than that allowed by England Athletics and the government. Wash your hands when changing locations and do not shake hands or hug your friends even though you may not have seen them for some time.

Watch out for updates on our facilities and access to train.

COVID 19 is with us for a while yet, so always expect some inconvenience, & rules to be followed.

If you experience any symptoms of Covid 19 or have contact with anyone who is infected then please stay at home and follow the current rules for your local area.
Stay safe.

General Contacts

Senior Men's Road Relay : James Bailey

Men, Junior U20 Men & Women : Cross Country : David Rodgers : 0780 4892080

MACCL admin Men : Mike Wharton 

MACCL admin Women : Sinead Ferguson :

Men's Veterans & Masters Teams : Glenn Savage :

Women's Veteran's & Masters Teams : Anne Chinoy :

Fell, Hill & Trail : Paul Barrett 

Welsh Castles Relay Senior Men : Chris Donnelly :

Welsh Castles Relay Senior Women : Richard Edwards

    Club Fixures     Flexible   2021 season    
  Track & Field     20/04/2021  
Sat   19th Northern League ( 2)   Blackburn  
Sun   27th UKYDL - UPPER (2)   Leigh   WN7 4GX  
Sat   3rd National Athletic League (2)   Sportcity ( Sale)  
Sun   4th Northern League ( 3)   Ellesmere Port  
Sat   17th UKYDL - Lower (2)    Sportcity ( Sale)  
Sun   25th UKYDL - UPPER (3)   Sportcity ( Sale)  
Sun   1st Northern League (4)   Longford Park ( SALE)  
Sun   8th National Athletic League (3)   Wigan  
Sat   28th National Athletic League (4)   Wavertree  
Sat   4th UKYDL - Lower (3)    Ashton un Lyne   OL7 9HG  
Sun   5th UKYDL - UPPER (4)   Leigh   WN7 4GX  
  June 12th/13th Northern Sen/U20 champs   Wavertree  
    26/27th British Champs   Sportcity  
  July 9/10/11th English Schools   Sportcity  
  Aug 14/15th Northern U15/U17 Champs   Costello Stadium  
  Weds 18th Manchester International   Sportcity