Forthcoming Training and Competition

A brief update on some recent races from mid-December and to come.

A big winning margin for Nick Barry at Stockport 10 miles. Rachael Rozhdestvenskaya was 3rd Lady. After  hopefully securing a league title top 3 for the season @ Tatton Park on

Saturday, Nick will move on to the Seville' Half Marathon at the end of Jan.

Sub 75min for 2nd place at Malaga HM for Sophie Wood with Laura Barber racing well too.

This helped Sophie win her 2nd England vest to compete in the top class, Barcellona ( Granollers) Half Marathon on 6 February, and a place on the England Marathon Squad too.

36.20 for 4th Vet at Telford 10k for Louise Whittaker. 

Nigel Martin won the GMAA XC by a long way. Sale were 2nd team with Ken Hunt, Alex Bradford & Pete Shipley. Lucy Armitage had a good run for 5th in the U20's.

At Bowstones Fell race The Ladies were 1st team with Hayley Ashby 1st Vet, Anne Chinoy 5th Vet and Harriet Hamilton 6th Vet. The men were 3rd team, Chris Donnelly 9th overall & 3rd Vet, Nick Tynn 12th & Rob Dunn 19th. Zac Gaillemin was 22nd & 1st U20, outsprinting dad Olly 23rd & 9th Vet. 

Nick Barry and Dan Gray had solid races at the Ribble Valley 10k./ Northern 10k Champs.The Ladies won the team and Northern title with, Olivia Green 12th, Northern, Louise Whittaker 2nd L35 and Helen Armitage 1st L45.

They messed up the Ladies results on the day, but will present the medals at Northern XC Champs.

HAR 1138

Into 2022 and at the Cheshire XC Champs @ Pickmere with the toughest XC of the Season, the Men just missed medals in 4th Team, James Wignall 3rd (see above, picture care of Harry Shakeshaft), Matt Barnes 10th and 3rd Vet, Kyle Fairclough was top 30, and making the team Paul Rowley 6th Vet, Duncan Hill & Tom Fordyce battling throughout, in 4th V45 & 5th V45, Also Nathan Cameran was 13th V45. Vets teams were not published but I assume we were top 10. The Ladies were out of the medals, Hayley Ashby was 6th Vet, Sian Rowley 10th Vet and Just behind her Sarah Golden.

Alice Wright won the Buckingham and Bedfordshire XC Champs by a long way.

Phil Robertson 4th in the Merseyside Champs.

Joe Godwood saw the Oxfordshire Champs cancelled, so ran in the tough hilly Woodcote 10km and had a big win, a slight P.B. showing he is ready for sub 32mins.

Nigel Martin won the Tatton 10k by nearly 4 minutes.

Sophie and Rachael were 1st and 2nd in the Hit the Trail 5, whilst part of a long run.


The MACCL #4 is in Tatton Park 15th Jan..

Brian and I will be preparing the course next Friday and finishing the setup on Saturday morning, if I am allowed to after having treatment at hospital on Monday and Tuesday. Nigel & Nick are leading the league individually with Joe Godwood well placed. Sophie leads the Women's. and well placed are Alice Wright, Laura Barber and Rachael Rozhdestvenskaya, with Anne Chinoy 2nd in L45's, Lucy Armitage is well placed to do well in the Junior Women's U20's.

Team wise we lead the Women's A, B & C team , although Wirral have been catching up. But the Vet's need to turnout more to win. The men's teams are leading the league for A, B & C Team Divisions and D team is 3rd in the C & D division, with the Vet's likewise, but many vet's have been missing, for men and women as is the case for Under 20's too.

The North Of England Cross Country Championships take place on Saturday 29th January at Pontefract Racecourse. 

In the next few days I will be submitting the final entries for the Northern XC Champs Senior / Vet and Junior Men also Junior women, whilst Sophie will enter the Senior / vet women.

I have a long list for those wanting entry, but some of you may have not replied or made your intentions clear, or plans may have changed. So let me know if you want to race or not,  if any of the above apply to you.

Or to confirm that you want to race.

We have won the Senior Men's  event since 2017 and very much want to carry this on, the Women were beaten to 1st place, by Leeds in 2020 & 2018, but 2018 we went on to win the National Title, as well as the Junior Women's.

We aim to reverse the Northern results with Leeds, and they have not beaten us yet this season ie Northern & National XC relays. The Under 20 Junior Women have not been out of the medals in 5 years, and have a great chance to carry that on. The Junior Men have not medalled in recent years, but have a great chance to reverse that. After Bronze medals at the GMAA Champs.


Saturday 29th January 2022 Pontefract Park Racecourse, 

Park Road, WF8 4QD 


11.00 Under 17 Women 5K ......11.25 Junior Women 5.74K 

11.55 Under 13 Girls 3.09K  .... 12.10 Under 17 Men 6.37K  

12.40 Under 13 Boys 3.09K  .....12.55 Under 15 Girls 4.06K 

13.20 Under 15 Boys 4.06K ......13.40 Junior Men 8.12K  

14.10 Senior / Vet Women 8.12K (over 20 on 1st september 2021)

15.05 Senior / Vet Men 12.2K (over 20 on 1st september 2021)


The Saucony National Cross Country Championships 2022
Parliament Hill, London on Saturday 26th February 2022 at 11.00 am

7. 1:05pm Junior Women Championship – 6K.

8. 1:35pm Senior Women Championship – 8K. 

9. 2:20pm Junior Men Championship – 10K. 

10. 3:00pm Senior Men Championship – 12K

I will be finalising the above entry next week and Sophie the Senior Women.

We have been unable to secure hotel places in any sufficient numbers so if you make your own arrangements, as well as paying your entry fee, you can claim £50 towards your accommodation. The same will apply to the Young Athletes entered.

If any Seniors want to hire a minibus and have a willing licensed driver, then I will sanction it, but need to know soon, so as to pay for a parking pass near to the course. This applies to both Northern and National. N.B. I will forward parking, travel and course details as soon as I am sent them.

For both Northern & National. N.B. I am not 100% sure that I will be at the National XC this year, due to a current course of immunotherapy treatment and family reasons but I will try my best, not to miss out.




David Rodgers

0780 4892080


## If your membership is not up to date and therefore England Athletics race licence, then your race entry cannot be made .



COVID 19 is with us for a while yet, so always expect some inconvenience, & rules to be followed.

If you experience any symptoms of Covid 19 or have contact with anyone who is infected then please stay at home and follow the current rules for your local area.
Stay safe.

General Contacts

Senior Men's Road Relay : James Bailey

Men, Junior U20 Men & Women : Cross Country : David Rodgers : 0780 4892080

MACCL admin Men : Mike Wharton 

MACCL admin Women : Sinead Ferguson :

Men's Veterans & Masters Teams : Glenn Savage :

Women's Veteran's & Masters Teams : Anne Chinoy :

Fell, Hill & Trail : Paul Barrett 

Welsh Castles Relay Senior Men : Chris Donnelly :

Welsh Castles Relay Senior Women : Richard Edwards