Forthcoming Training and Competition

Dave Rodgers


Tues 18th from C.B Fairy Lane Road Reps.

6 - 8 X 900M, some will do some 600m's

Thurs 20th Wythenshawe track.

3-5 x400 / 300 / 200m. Adapted session for those racing the National xc.

Sat 22. National xc champs Notts.

Tues 25th Chorlton route progression run 55 - 60mins

Some may do 30mins @ HM pace


Thursday 27th Wythenshawe Track 7.30

1. 8 - 10 x 800m 200m brisk jog

2. 8 - 10 x 700m w' 100m jog (some may do 600m

3. 2 x 700m, 2 x 500m, 2 x 300m, 2 x 200m or 150m

N.B. depends if racing Trafford 10k

Sat 29th Feb a.m. TBA


Sunday 1st March Trafford 10k


Tues 3rd from C.B. to Derbyshire Road South

4, 5 or 6 x 1200’s and 800’s depending on group

or if 10k recovery.


Thurs 5th . Wyth Track

1. 5 x 900, + 5 x 300m , 100m jog R

2.  5 x 700m + 5 x 250m

or maybe 2nd part 5 x 200m parluuf

Sunday 15th March Wilmslow HM

Sunday 22nd Northern Road Relays, Birkenhead

( 8k or 4k Legs )

Sunday 29th World HM

Sat 4th April ERRA National Road Relays, Sutton Park

Sun 5th April Manchester Marathon

Fri - Mon 10 - 13th April Lakes Training Weekend

Sat 11th April Rivington Pike Fell Race (inc GMAA champs & IC champs trial)

Sunday 26th April London Marathon

Below is the season’s race schedule, with also some key fell or hill races, at the bottom is the list of the various contacts for race entries, but may change slightly.

We are Women's 2018 Senior and Under 20 Junior National XC Champions and have narrowly missed winning medals at Senior in xc relays whereas U20 were medal winners. There is no reason why we cannot win medals at Seniors & Juniors, Men & Women. If you all commit to your teams and back your team mates up, in this seasons 2019 / 20 campaign. Then we will have success, starting now.

Your club does much work to help get you all, to be the best you can, please repay that by committing to and competing in, these key races and championships. This is what club athletics is all about, your club is ambitious for success, can you match that ??

It is a strong squad, but If you want to be considered for a place in one of the teams, 2 men's teams of 6 x 5.8k and up to 3 Women's teams of 4 x 4.33k, contact James Bailey(men) or Clare McCarron (women) immediately, Sunday 6 October Men 2:00pm and Women 2:10pm 1st leg starts. Young Athletes races start at 11.30am, allow enough time to park and warm up.

The races will also be a guide as to A, B & C team leg orders at Northern and National XC relays.

Seniors and Under 20's.

So far, of the names entered, we will have strong men's A and B teams. We have some strong and fast runners have put their names forward for Women's teams of which we can enter 3 teams. We will be competing  for medals from the gun with Sonia Samuels & Sophie Wood, and hope to carry that to the last leg to be both North and England Champions, as we used to do regularly in the past. We have the quality of runners Men & Women; it is up to you to turn out.

Not all of our sub 16min men and sub 18min, 5k runners have confirmed commitment, even with one day before entries close.

We need to get our strongest teams out A, B & C.

This is also a platform to try to win the National XC relays, Senior and Under 20, at Mansfield in 5 weeks plus Northern xc relays in Sheffield in 3 weeks.  Get your name entered now or you will miss out on competing in strong teams and winning medals for A and B teams.

These are fantastic events, great to race, support and to spectate. 

Get your name entered now, so that we can get strong A, B or even C teams racing.

The men have strong reserve runners, wanting to race.






Sat 22

National ECCA Cross Country Champs

Wollaton Park Notts




British Masters Cross Country Champs

Corwen, North Wales


European Masters Mountain Run Champs 



European Masters Trail Running Champs 


U20, Senior, Veterans Endurance, team managers and admin.

Senior Men's Road Relay : James Bailey

Men's Road & Cross Country : David Rodgers :

Junior U20 Men & Women : Cross Country : David Rodgers : 0780 4892080

MACCL admin Men : Mike Wharton 

MACCL admin Women : Sinead Ferguson :

Men's Veterans & Masters Teams : Glenn Savage :

Women's Veteran's & Masters Teams : Anne Chinoy :

Men's Fell, Hill & Trail : Paul Barrett 

Women's Fell, Hill & Trail :  Paul Barrett

Welsh Castles Relay Senior Men : Chris Donnelly :

Welsh Castles Relay Senior Women : Richard Edwards

Young Athletes Female : Lisa Fletcher

Young Athletes Male : David Marsh


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