Forthcoming Training Sessions

Dave Rodgers


18th Tuesday. Crossford Bridg. 7.00pm leave
N.B. A slight change from what I quoted previously, so as to train on a  better and dryer surface, and more controllable session.
3.3k Run out to Man University Fields 
8 - 10mins tempo, on a 2 lap course
A. 8 x 530m with 90sec/ 100m jog Rec. 3 - 5k pace
B. 6-8 x 500m with 90sec/ 100m jog. 3 - 5k pace
C.6 x 400m + 200m jog rec @ 3k pace
3.3k Back to CB.
20th Thursday. Wythenshawe Track  7:30pm
A. 5 x 1000m @ 3 - 5k pace with 200m 2min jog
B. 5 x 800m @ 3k pace with 3 - 400m easy / steady
Aim to be reasonably recovered before starting each rep.
Probabably aiming for one every 5:30.
+2k parluuf ie 5 x 200m with 60m jog recovery.
22nd Saturday. University Fields 10.30am
6 x 4 mins 6 x 80m strides.
23rd Sunday. Training groups from Crossford Bridge at 10am.
Hollins Green 5k. Last one of the Cheshire series.
25th Tuesday. Crossford Bridge Fields.5 - 10 x 400m with 200m jog recovery
26th Wednesday. Round the Resers Multi-terrain Race.
27th Thursday. Sale Sizzlers 5k Road Race #1
29th Saturday.  Whaley Waltz Fell Race 5.8miles / 900f
30th Sunday. Radcliffe 5k.

7th British Masters Half Marathon Championships, Ashbourne
11th Sale Sizzlers 5k Road Race #2
25th Sale Sizzlers 5k Road Race #3

8th Sale Sizzlers 5k Road Race #4
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