National XC Relays 2018

Saturday 3rd November 2018

Dave Rodgers

At the ECCA National CC relays in Mansfield, there were some great runs.

The Senior Women were 4th in 2015, ust missing the medals, with Jenna, Katie and Sonia. Last year as young first year Seniors Emma and Ellen along with Megan Davies, were 11th. Again this year they were just short of the medals with 5th place and closing in on the medals to the line, with Emma TilleyEllen Downs and Sonia Samuels.Next year we can win it. There was strong competitive racing in the B team from Lydia Briggs, Julia Reynolds and Sarah Goulden.

The Junior Women were on course to win medals again as in 2017. As Juliet Downsand Aine Cunningham, took the team to 4th place,but with no 3rd runner after losing some a few days before, which couldn't get replaced, the opportunity was lost.

The Under 17 women took Bronze medal. Lara Crawford on first leg put them in a very good position which was our fastest time but against quality opposition, handing over in fourth. Jessica Spilsbury improved our position to second place with a very good run. Stephanie Moss brought us home in Bronze position for a fine team Bronze in a competitive age group.

Under 20 men's team also evaporated in the few days before the race, but Pat Magner ran first leg, just behind the leaders, whilst battling Alex Sutton, 2nd Claim member and also part of the Wythenshawe training group, to the line.

Disappointingly the Men's team were decimated a few days before hand also. Euan Gilchrist had a good run on the first leg catching ex Sale runner Jack Crabtree, on the line. Phil Robertson and James Wignall maintained position with solid runs, leaving Rob Fairbanks to step up from the B team into a new world for him, losing a few places in the initial rush, Rob then more than held his own with a good run.