The Future of Crossford Bridge

Crossford Bridge

Statement by Crossford Bridge Management Association (CBMA)

The CBMA and its member Clubs (Sale Harriers, Sale United and old Alts) are delighted to hear the news that our future at our home, Crossford Bridge, is secure. We have worked tirelessly over recent months to ensure that our current members, and future generations of children who want to partake in active sport, can do so in the supportive and open space environment that is freely available to all at Crossford Bridge.

The CBMA has worked closely with Sale Sharks and its partners in these months and wish the Sharks good luck in securing a new home back within the M33 area. We all now look forward to continuing to work closely with Trafford Council and the local residents enabling Crossford Bridge to continue to be a focal point of Sale's sporting and day to day community.

Trafford Council statement

As many residents are aware the Council recently allowed a consultation exercise to commence on the possible return of Sale Sharks to Crossford Bridge. This is a proposal that the Council had been discussing with the Sharks for a number of years, prior to the change of administration. Given this could potentially bring sizeable investment to Trafford – and given our efforts as a new administration to consult with residents in advance of taking decisions on significant development proposals – we decided to allow the question to be asked of the community as to their views on the principle of development on this site.

Following the end of the initial consultation period the Council has now reviewed the responses along with the direct representations received by councillors, including to myself as a local ward councillor and Leader of the Council. It is clear that views are mixed on this proposal and that many local people were excited by the potential return of the Sharks but also that residents living in the vicinity, and the clubs currently utilising the site, have real concerns about the proposed scheme. Concerns relate to the future of the clubs on site and the extent to which they will have the same access to facilities moving forward; and from a resident perspective the loss of green space/green belt and the impact in terms of noise, traffic, parking and a range of other factors.

We resolved to listen to the community before coming to a decision on this. Specifically we said that unless the proposal was supported by residents, and unless the clubs on site were happy that their needs could be met moving forward, it could not move forward. It is clear this is not the case. We will therefore be bringing a paper to the Executive meeting on the 28th September (published next week) recommending that the Executive agrees that this proposal moves no further forward.

Thank you to all residents who took the time to feed in their views: understanding your views on significant development proposals at early stage is key to how we wish to operate as a Labour administration and I am grateful to everyone who took part or contacted me directly.

Andrew Western.