Sonia Vitality


Of all the astonishing recent club achievements, foremost among them must be SONIA SAMUELS at the weekend coming within 5 seconds of breaking her club marathon record of 2:28.04 in the Valencia Marathon, and this nine years after she established it in Berlin and now a 43 year old Mum! Sonia's had an incredible 2023 and has further established herself as the UK's No.1 L40 over 5 miles, 10k, HM, Marathon ...and is even the UK's fastest L40 parkrunner!

Most current members will not know Sonia's contribution to the club success between 2008 -2014 often among the medals in the National and Northern XC Championships. Between her and 41 year old Kenenisa Bekele's 2:04 in the same marathon, who broke the world veteran record, both give new hope to a new generation of veteran runners.

How are you fixed, Sonia, to give us a hand in this year's Northern & National XC Championships

Sonia GB